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The 'Current Thorough Examination Certificate' is a mandatory requirement in accordance with the Health & Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice and Guidance (LOER 1998) to whom our records are open to inspection.

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(Option 1)
On site service

For this service, inspection and recertification for a single Liftkar machine located on the UK Mainland only, the cost would be £295.00 + VAT and for any further machines on-site a charge of £95.00 + VAT per additional Unit..
(Option 2)
Ipswich Workshop Service

However, to use Option 2 - this requires the Customer to arrange delivery and collection of the Liftkar machine to and from our Ipswich based Service Centre and to ensure the machine is adequately protected from damage in transit and all accessories i.e. batteries, battery chargers, straps etc are secured within the packaging of the machine during transportation.

Sano-UK cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to machine or accessories under Option 2

(Option 3)
Customer Return to SANO's Ipswich Workshop
Machine to be sent by Customer to Ipswich Workshop.
To carry out the above service and recertification of the Liftkar machines at our Ipswich based Service Centre.
Service and return carriage cost per machine £150.00 + VAT
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(Optional insurance cover for the return of your stairclimber).
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